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Fishpond Nomad Landing Nets
2017 Nets Available November 2016
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Fishpond acquired Nomad Nets in 2013.  The Nomad company was founded by Kevin Best.  He had a great idea, make landing nets like you make fly rods using today’s lightweight high-tech materials.  Kevin works with Fishpond today, developing the line of nets and probably some other technical gear to wear the Fishpond brand.

Nomad nets are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass composite.  They are very light for their size.  They are available in two different hoop sizes and several handle lengths from a hand net to a boat net and several in between.

Nomad nets are beautiful and they float.  The sun and harsh conditions will not destroy them.  They are durable.

The net bags are made from synthetic, soft, rubberized material.  If they wear out, they can easily be replaced at a low cost.

These are heirloom quality landing nets that will serve you for a long time, and hopefully, land many large fish for you.

NOTE:  All Fishpond items shown in this gear guide are current 2017 merchandise and in some cases, new 2017 gear. Most new and updated gear will be available for sale in November 2016. 

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Fishpond Nomad Emerger
Landing Net
New for 2017
Available November 2016

Fishpond’s Nomad Emerger net, has a longer handle and a large hoop, and it is ideal for most trout fishermen, who have adapted to the new methods of attaching a net. If you fly fish for larger trout or smallmouth bass, this is probably your best choice.

Back in the old days, fishermen attached their landing net to their vest by the handle. That is just the way it was done, for decades. Long handled landing nets created problems. The hoop bounced around from side to side when you walked. It caught limbs and was uncomfortable. I remember those days. I did the same thing.

It’s different now. Many companies have made different versions of a quick release attachment, that allows us to hang your net by the hoop, not by the handle. The hoop and bag are now higher on the back and they don’t swing as we walk. The handle rides down, so it is easy to reach. Now, we can use landing nets with longer handles. The Fishpond Nomad Emerger is one of those nets.

Many fly fishing packs now have a net holster. Some work very well with longer handled nets. Before purchasing this net, be sure it will fit in your holster if you have one.

You can land fish better if you have a longer handle. You can reach the fish further away. At the crucial time, when the fish is to be netted, every inch counts.

Fishpond Nomad nets are made to last. They are constructed from carbon fiber and fiberglass. They float. They are waterproof. They won’t split like wood does. They come standard with a clear rubber bag, which does not spook a fish as much as a dark black bag does. Rubber bags are safer for fish you intend to release them.

This may easily become Fishpond’s most popular trout net. It may be overkill for fishing small brook trout streams in the mountains. But, if you fish larger rivers and tailwaters, for big trout, this one is perfect for you.

Total Length – 32”
Hoop size – 9.8” x 18.8”
Weight with Rubber Bag - .95 lbs
Colors – Original Olive and Black or Brown Trout
Price $149.95

I believe this is the most useful net you can buy for wade fishing. Hang it by the hoop, not by the handle.

Byron Begley


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  Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net shownin colors Original and Brown Trout.

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Fishpond Nomad Native
Landing Net

The Nomad Native Landing Net was intrudiced in 2015.  This is tFishpond's smallest landing net, made for anglers who fish small streams for trout and warmwater species.  It is the most popular Nomad net we sell in our store because many of our customers fish in small streams.

Nomad nets are made from lightweight and very strong carbon fiber and fiberglass.  They are beautiful.  The nets are waterproof, UV protected and they float.  They come standard with a clear rubber net bag.

The Nomad Native measures 25.5” in total length.  The head dimensions are 8.5” wide by 17” long.

The Native is available in two colors, the Original Olive green and the color “Native.”  See the swatches to the right. 


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 Fishpond Nomad Native Landing Net

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Nomad Hand Net

The Fishpond Nomad Hand Net is made for trout fishermen.  This is the smallest Nomad net.  As are all Nomad nets, the Hand Net is made from a carbon fiber and fiberglass composite.  They are lightweight, UV protected, waterproof and they float like a cork.

This net comes with a clear rubber net but black can be special ordered.

It is 26” long including the handle.  The head opening is 13” wide and 18” long. 

Available in two colors:

Original Olive - $125.95

Tailwater - $125.95  


Starting at $125.95

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Fishpond Nomad Hand Net shown in color "original" and "tailwater".

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Nomad Mid-Length Net

The Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net is just the right size for larger fish, but not so cumbersome you can’t take it on a wading trip.  This net has more length than the hand net. Sometimes, at that crucial moment, a little extra length is nice to have.  

This net is perfct for trout or stream smallmouth bass.   If you are after big brown trout, this one might be essential to land a big one.  Big rainbows, or cutts too. Some people might refer to this as a canoe or kayak net.  Whatever category you put it into, it might land your fish of a lifetime. 

The Nomad Mid-Length Net is 37” long.  The head length is 18” with a width of 13”, same as the Hand Net.

It is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass composite thereby making it waterproof, UV protected and it floats.  The Mid-Length comes standard with a clear net bag but black is available special order. 

Net Weight (Get it? Net Weight?):  400 gr or .88 pounds

Available in the following colors:

Original Olive - $159.95

Tailwater - $159.95

Starting at $159.95

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 Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net

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Fishpond Nomad Guide Net

If you are a trout guide, give the Fishpond Nomad Guide Net some careful thought.  If your client has the trout of his or her life on, and landing this beast is up to you, do you want a short net, or a long net? 

If your answer is “Long”, this is the net for you.  It’s made for wading but it won’t snap to the back of your vest.  Well, it might if you are tall.  This is a net you will carry in your hands or rig some sort of strap to carry it across your shoulders on your back.  You guides know how to improvise.    

This net is 47.9” long.  It’s made to reach out there.  It is made to save the day.  One tip could pay for it.  You can write it off too.

Made from lightweight carbon fiber and fiberglass composite.  It is light, it floats, and water or sunlight won’t hurt it.  Sun over time might weaken the rubber net.  That can be replaced.

The head measures 13” x 18”.  The Olive RiverKoat finish is a rubberized paint for greatest grip when wet.  There is a 27 inch scale on the handle so you can measure the smaller trout.

Net Weight:  475 g or 1.23 pounds.

This net is only available in the original olive color.  Standard is a clear rubber net bag.  We can get a black bag for you.      


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 Fishpond Nomad Guide Net

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Fishpond Nomad
Mid-Length Boat Net

Fishpond Nomad nets come in two basic head sizes, 13” x 18” and 16” x 24.75”.  The Nomad Mid-Length Boat has the larger head.  The total length of this net is 44.75 inches.  It is an excellent canoe or kayak net.  It could be ideal for smaller fishing boats where storage space is a problem. 

The Nomad Mid-Length Boat Net is designed and built to land big fish at a nominal distance for a boat net.  If you really want to reach out there, get the next size up, the Nomad Boat Net.

This one, like all Nomads is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass composite for light weight.  It is waterproof and buoyant.  It weighs 560 g or 1.23 pounds.

Color: Original Olive & Black- $219.95

Starting at $219.95

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 Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Boat Net

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Nomad Boat Net

This is the net I want, the Fishpond Nomad Boat Net.  This net will reach out and land large fish while standing in your boat.  It is light enough to handle with one hand which is essential when you like to land your own fish.  I like landing any fish but prefer to land my own.

This net is a whopping 55 inches long.  The head is 16” wide by 24.75 inches long, plenty large enough for most freshwater game fish. 

If you are a river or lake guide who makes a living landing fish for clients, this is the net for you.  It’s great for rafts, driftboats, jet boats or bass boats.

Like all Nomad Nets, this one is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass composite.  It is light, only 737 g or 1.6 pounds. It floats if you drop it overboard.  That’s a handy feature.  The original olive color has a rubberized paint on the handle so it doesn’t slip.  It comes with a clear rubber net though you can special order a black bag. 

This net does have a 27” measuring tape built into the handle for quickly measuring the "Catch of the Day". 

Original Olive - $239.95

Starting at $239.95

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 Fishpond Nomad Boat Net
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