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Old boat and discarded commercial fishing nets.

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About Fishpond the Company

Fishpond was founded in 1999 by John Le Coq and David (Dave) Thompson.  John calls Colorado home and Dave lives in Kansas City.  Distribution to dealers was handled from the warehouse in Kansas.  Though these two men lived in different states, Fishpond has always been an efficient and smooth running company.  Dave’s wife Cindy handled customer service and did a great job.  She was our main contact at Fishpond. 

Fishpond began early, making fly fishing tools and accessories but broadened their scope over the years by designing and manufacturing fly fishing vests, chest and hip packs, gear bags, luggage, pet accessories and clothing. 

As a dealer since 2002, we know the level of quality is exceptional.  We have sold over 6,000 Fishpond Products at Little River Outfitters.  Our best guess is, we have had maybe 20 items returned as defective.  It just doesn’t happen often.  Fishpond products are made well and built to last.  We know customer satisfaction is very high.

Fishpond launched a new line of ladies luggage and accessories a few years ago and called it Lilypond. Lilypond products are sold in some fly shops and many stores that are not flyfishing specialty shops.

In April 2012, Fishpond and Lilypond announced that Dave Thompson’s 50% interest in the company was acquired by the Kurtz family, namely brothers Ben and Will Kurtz.  Will and Ben became working partners with John.  Ben had worked with John for several years before the acquisition.

Eventually, distribution and accounting was moved from Kansas to Denver into Fishpond’s new facility there.  The transition was flawless from our perspective as a dealer.  Most of my interaction with the company now is with Ben or with their sales representative, Raz Reid.

In July 2013, Fishpond announced the company acquired Nomad nets, from owner Kevin Best.  These landing nets are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass composite making them very light and strong.  They are branded as Fishpond Nomad Nets.  Kevin Best works at Fishpond with the current owners.

John Le Coq is a renowned photographer with many of his images gracing Fishpond’s brochures, posters and website.  You may visit his photography website by CLICKING HERE.  He has a special affinity for photographing horses, cattle, western landscapes, cowboys, old vehicles and fly fishing scenes.  He and his partners Ben and Will are also avid fly fishermen.     


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Fishpond is proudly focused on environmental issues, including recycling.  Many of the new Fishpond products are made from abandoned and recycled commercial fishing nets, those used in the ocean and made from nylon.  While ridding the ocean of abandoned nets is good for the fishery, animals, birds and turtles, the recycled material is turned into a fine piece of Fishpond gear for you to enjoy.

Kudos to Fishpond!

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