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The Complete Fishpond Fly Fishing Gear Guide
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Fishpond Fly Fishing Backpacks
2020 Models
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Nobody understands, better than the folks at Fishpond, anglers venture into the backcountry.  We enjoy fly fishing where others enjoy the same less frequently, if at all.  We may stay there all day or for several days.  Fly fishermen may walk miles to get to that favorite stretch of a stream or a secluded lake.  For those, Fishpond designs a whole lineup of gear to carry all the essentials.  In the backcountry you will need food, potable water, extra clothing, rain gear and even survival gear.

Fishpond makes backpacks specifically for fly fishermen.  They are designed to carry what you need and enhance your fly fishing experience while you are there.  Some of their gear is made to get you there, then adapt to fishing while you are there.  Many of their packs serve multiple purposes by adaptation, using components that may be moved and utilized differently depending on the circumstances.  Below are the Fishpond fly fishing packs and combinations that include chest, lumbar or waist packs.

Combining one or more Fishpond fly fishing pieces allows you to customize your style and requirements.  Everything made by Fishpond is designed to withstand the rigors of life in the toughest environments while making for a day of pleasure and comfort.  Adjustability makes it easy to accommodate your standard size or when you need to bulk up for warmth or to stay dry. 

These packs have purpose.  Some keep your gear dry no matter what the weather is like.  Others are designed to be lightweight.  You will find the perfect piece of gear for your backcountry fly fishing excursions below.

NOTE:  All Fishpond items shown in this gear guide are current 2020 merchandise and in some cases, new 2020 gear. Most new and updated gear will be available for sale in November 2019.  

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Submersible Backpack

Fishpond’s new Thunderhead Submersible Backpack, allows fly fishermen to confidently pack their gear into the backcountry, on boats, or anywhere there is water. It is a dry bag you can carry on your back.

You can hold the zipped Thunderhead Submersible Backpack under water, and it won’t leak. Fly fishermen, photographers and scientists, who use expensive and water sensitive equipment, can rest assured their gear will survive the trip, bone dry.

This Thunderhead Backpack is made from 1680 denier recycled nylon coated with thermplastic polyurethane (TPU). The seams are heat welded for total waterproof protection. Whitewater rafts are made the same way.

a TIZIP waterproof zipper, manufactured by a company with the same name in Germany gives you access to the main compartment. These zippers are airtight. Close the pack and squeeze it. Air does not escape. The pack does not leak if you hold it under water. These zippers are expensive and they work!

Water resistant zippers are used on the smaller outer pockets. These zippers shed water but will leak if submerged. Water will not enter the main compartment.

The Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack is supported on your back using suspension system of lightweight padded shoulder straps, a strong supported hip belt and a molded panel on the back of the back. The hip belt is removable for short hikes, boating and other uses.

Other Features:

Coated web haul handle on the top of the pack

Coated webbing daisy chain and D-ring on the front panel for accessory attachment

Set of two Fishpond gear straps to hold a fly rod tube or other gear that can be attached to either side of the pack

A coated web pull tab for opening and closing the TIZIP

A zippered pocket and a clear stash pocket inside the pack offers more organization options

Some Fishpond chest packs are compatible with this pack and can be attached to the front straps and hip belt

This backpack is durable. You will enjoy it for many years.

Dimensions: 21” x 12” x 9”

Volume: 1,649 Cubic Inches

Weight: 2.8 Pounds

Colors: Yucca, Cutthroat Orange, Shale and Riverbed Camo


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 Fishpond thunderhead Submersible Backpack shown in all four colors.

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Fishpond Bitch Creek Backpack

The Fishpond Bitch Creek Backpack was designed from the ground up for backcountry anglers.  An all day fly fishing excursion requires special equipment to transport food, water, fishing gear and a rain jacket.  “Back there”, you never know exactly what you will need. 

Back there, gets you away from other anglers. And, it gets you to trout, that don’t see many anglers.  You will enjoy the scenery, and see more wildlife.  You will explore where others don’t go.

The Bitch Creek is a backpack, but more of a daypack.  It features one large main compartment along with external pockets.  You will also want to use the two zip-out rod tube holders so you can fly fish with two different rods, depending on where you are and what the stream looks like there.

Hydration can be added, using a Fishpond or other brand bladder up to a capacity of two liters.  The mesh back helps keep you cool and comfortable. The shoulder straps are padded and contoured for extra comfort.  The included padded waist strap helps you carry the load on your hips, shoulders or both.

The zippers are YKK Aquaguard #8’s for easy access and they help keep water out of the pack. 

The inclduded Fishpond Medicine Bow Chest Pack, docks with the backpack.  With these two items, you’ve got your bases covered with a true technical system and many options for the serious fly fisherman. The Medicine Bow docks on the front, for easy acces when you are fishing. And, you can move it to the back of the pack for hiking.

Capacity: 1,434 cubic inches
Dimensions: 11” x 8.5” x 20” 


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 Fishpond Bitch Creek Backpack

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Windriver Roll Top Backpack

Fly fishermen who travel in wet conditions will find the Windriver Roll Top Backpack useful, to protect their gear from water.

The Windriver is a backpack, and it is a newer generation of and older Fishpond pack. The Windriver has a thermomolded back panel for support and comfort which is an upgrade. The foam shoulder straps are comfortable and light. The hip belt can be removed and and adjusted vertically to fit different torso lengths.

The Windriver Roll Top Backpack’s main compartment is waterproof. Your gear and clothing will stay dry even if you drop it overboard. Using the roll top configuration, as opposed to the TZIP saves money. The height of the pack is somewhat adjustable.

The Windriver is made from 420 denier Cyclepond Fishpond Fabric, coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with heat welded seams. This pack is tough and durable.

There is plenty of room for your gear and clothing, 2,318 cubic inches. On the front is a stretch zippered pocket which is ideal for items you need quickly, like a passport or airline ticket. This pocket is not waterproof.

Buy a pair of optional Fishpond Gear Straps, and use Fishpond’s strap attachments, to hold a fly rod tube or a rain jacket securely on the outside of the pack, on either side or both.

The main compartment has two pockets for organization inside. One is zippered and the other is a clear slash pocket.

Connect one of several compatible Fishpond chest packs with modular buckles to the straps and hip belt so you can fish with the pack on and have your fly boxes, leaders, tippet and tools right in front of you.

The Windriver makes an ideal boat bag or a dry bag when paddling, rafting, drifting or kayaking. You may remove the hip belt and leave it in your truck or at home.

Size: 24” (when rolled 3 times) x 12” x 8”.
Weight: 2.7 pounds



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 Fishpond Wind River Roll Top Back Shown Front and Back

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Oxbow Chest Backpack

The Fishpond Oxbow Chest Backpack was new in 2016 and it is quite an impressive addition to the lineup of fly fishing packs. Using years of ideas and innovation, Fishpond has what may be the perfect combination of a backpack and a chest pack, sold together at this incredible price.

This combination is modular and adaptable. The chest pack can be worn in front of the backpack while fishing or hiking. Or, it can be moved to the back of the backpack, which most people would do while on a long hike into the backcountry.

Almost everything that comes in contact with you on this pack is padded and ventilated well, for all day comfort. The pack dimensions are 17” x 9” x 6.5”.  It features one large main compartment and two smaller compartments. The pack is designed to hold and dispense water or other beverages from an optional hydration system. Included are two built-in rod tube holders, that may be zipped open for use.

A Savage Creek chest pack is included. It may be worn alone or docked with the Oxbow pack.  It has one main storage compartment to hold large fly boxes and other gear. The Fishpond signature, molded zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam is built over the main compartment.

If you click on the “Learn More” button, it will take you to the page on our online store that shows more detailed photographs.

You should check this out.


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Fishpond Oxbow Chest Pack Backpack
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Wasatch Tech Pack

The Wasatch Tech Pack has been made by Fishpond for years.  We placed this piece in the “Pack” section of this website.  From the rear, it is in fact a pack.  If viewed from the front, it appears to be a large vest.  Actually, the Wasatch Tech Pack is both.

The Wasatch was designed for long days on the water when storage is important.  As conditions change throughout the day, you will not be confined to your basic tackle and comfort needs.  This piece has plenty of storage.  It is not for the minimalist.  It is for the angler who wants to be prepared for any eventual need.  

As with most Fishpond wearable gear, it can be expanded or made smaller to fit almost any person who might be wearing any amount of layering.  There is plenty of room to store more clothing in the pack, along with lunch, extra reels, spools and even a hydration bladder. 

On the vest portion are two patented, signature molded zip-down fly benches with replaceable foam for your large fly selection.  There is even an integrated rod tube holder on the pack. The pack is expandable for larger loads if needed.

This beautiful fly fishing accessory will serve you for years of long days on the water.  If you are a guide, looking for massive storage capacity, this may be the perfect Vest/Pack for you. 

You can go bigger!  The Wildhorse Tech Pack below offers even more storage. 

The backpack has 610 cubic inches of storage internally.  Its dimensions are 8” x 8” x 18.5”.


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 Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack shown in colors Alpine Green and Driftwood

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Wildhorse Tech Pack

This is the big one.  The Wildhorse is a combination of a large backpack and a beefy vest designed for the fly fisherman or guide who has a lot of gear and wants it on hand.  Guides especially rely on the capacity of this pack.  When you are serving multiple anglers you need lots of gear.  This piece is for professionals.

The Wildhorse Tech Pack looks like a professional piece of gear.  It is lightweight for its size.  It is made from waterproof/breathable fabric with 1680 ballistic nylon accents.

One size fits most, like all wearable Fishpond gear.  And, it is adjustable depending on how many layers you need on a particular day. 

The backpack is made for high capacity.  It holds 1,343 cubic inches of gear stuffed in the heavy duty zippered entry.  The shoulder straps are padded and contoured for comfort and to control the load. Four large mesh pockets in the vest organize your gear.  The pack features 3 compartments.  You will find two patented signature molded zip-down benches with replaceable foam for your clients flies. 

The pack is also hydration compatible for a quick sip between landing fish for your guests.  Two built-in rod tube holders with compression straps holds that all important backup rod.

The Wildhorse Tech Pack is made for guides or very serious anglers.  Pack dimensions are 10.5” x 8.5” x 19.5”.  It’s huge! If you need to haul around a lot of fly fishing gear, the Wildhorse Tech Pack is for you.

Made with Fishpond's Cyclepond fabric.


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 Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack showing front and back.
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