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The Complete Fishpond Fly Fishing Gear Guide
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Fishpond Chest Packs
2020 Collection Available November 2019
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Chest packs became a substitute for the fly fishing vest decades ago and to many, they are the wearable fly tackle storage choice.  Popularity rose and fell as traditionalists hung on or came back to their vest. The early chest packs were not as comfortable as today’s versions and they were often so bulky, wading anglers could not see their feet, making wading next to impossible.  Some chest packs were rigid, made from aluminum or plastic.  Other packs of that time were also used as sling or lumbar packs, as are many, today.

Fishpond began designing and making chest packs soon after the company was formed.  The San Juan is a perfect example of Fishpond’s innovation into this part of their business.  The San Juan is still their best selling pack.  It is small, it does not obstruct the angler’s vision of the water, and it is can be used as a sling or lumbar pack.

The 2020 collection from Fishpond includes seven different models of chest packs, probably more than any other company in America. 

Like all Fishpond products, the new 2020 merchandise is available now (After November 15th 2019). As you browse through the chest pack selection below, please remember that you can order one from Little River Outfitters, and we won’t charge you for ground shipping in the Continental United States.

NOTE:  All Fishpond items shown in this gear guide are current 2020 merchandise and in some cases, new 2020 gear. Most new and updated gear will be available for sale in November 2019. 

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Thunderhead Chest Pack

The Thunderhead Chest Pack from Fishpond is a waterproof carry system, for fly fishermen who plan to spend the day on the water. It features a comfortable back harness with a built-in landing net holster.

This chest pack can be worn alone or with a Fishpond backpack. It will not carry everything you own, just what you need on the water. And, it will keep your fly boxes and gear inside, dry.

The Thunderhead Chest Pack is made from heavy duty, 1680 TPU waterproof material. A waterproof TIZIP zipper keeps your contents safely secured and away from the elements. A stretch mesh pocket with a zipper closure is located on the front for small items.

The integrated net slot on the back panel holds long or short handle nets. Inside the main pocket is a clear stash pocket for small gear. Hypalon tabs are located outside for tool attachment.

Modular buckles detach the pack from the back. Simply re-attach them to a Fishpond compatible backpack. This outfit can also be supported with a wading belt or strapped to a boat with the webbing pass-through on the back of the pack. The front straps may be removed to keep them out of the way when attached to a boat.

Pack Size: 9” x 7” x 3.75”
Back Harness Size: 11” x 9”
Weight: 1.05 pounds
Color: Shale


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  Fishpond Thunderhead Chest Pack Front and Back Views

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San Juan
Vertical Chest Pack

We have been selling this little chestpack for years.  This is one of our best selling Fishpond items.  The San Juan Vertical Chest Pack is so popular because of the low price and it’s big heart.  Anglers who spend a few hours fishing and love to go light, buy this pack.

The San Juan is unobtrusive, comfortable to wear and you fish without anything cumbersome hanging on your body.  That’s the beauty of the San Juan.

The price attracts people too.  They cost $49.95.  Some fly boxes cost more than that.  With only one main compartment and the Fishpond signature zip-down fly bench, you have space for necessities and nothing else.  The San Juan will hold a large fly box, leaders, tippet and other things you really need.  Tools can be attached to the tabs on the pack.

This chest pack has a belt loop attachment so you can hook it to your wader belt or any belt for that matter.  It hangs around your neck and wraps around your body so it won’t be in your way.  You can even use it as a small sling pack.  The possibilities are endless.

If you want to keep a slim profile and not be bothered with weight, this may be the perfect pack for you.  The dimensions are 5” x 4” x 8.5”.  Interior capacity is 180 cubic inches.  The San Juan is available in two colors, Saddle Brown and Tidal Blue.

A padded neck strap is included.


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 Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chesst Packs in the color Saddle Brown and Tidal Blue

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Blue River
Chest Lumbar Pack

We have been selling the Fishpond Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack for years and its popularity never fades.  This pack is so diverse and useful for fly fishermen.  It can be worn as a lumbar pack.  With the included neck and shoulder strap, you can easily convert it to a chest pack or sling pack.  You may hide the waist strap in the zippered compartment on the back of the pack. 

The list of fantastic features goes on and on.  The main zippered compartment holds plenty of fly boxes.  Inside, there are 5 internal pockets.  Included are 4 additional zippered compartments. 

The Blue River also features Fishpond’s signature zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam.  There are plenty of attachment points for tools.  This chest/lumber pack has it all except water bottle pockets.

It is built to last.  Made from 1680 nylon ballistic cloth, it can take a beating and serve you for years. 

Dimensions are 9.5” x 5” x 7”.  The pack holds 366 cubic inches of gear inside. 


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 Fishpond Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack

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Blue River
Waxed Canvas
Chest Lumbar Pack

Wow!  This may be the finest piece of equipment Fishpond has ever made.  Maybe I am biased.  I love tradition. 

The Blue River Waxed Canvas Chest Lumber Pack is identical to the original Blue River above.  The only difference is the color and the material it is made from.

Seeping in fly fishing tradition, this waxed cotton pack can be worn as a lumbar pack, chest pack or as a traditional sling pack, hung across your shoulder and tucked out of the way until needed. 

Using modern technology and old school lack of technology, this piece is a combination of both.  It is large enough for a day on the stream, but small enough so as not to encumber you with uncomfortable weight.

This pack features a main zippered pocket and 5 internal pockets.  There are 4 additional pockets for tools, leaders and tippet.  You can hide the waist belt in the zippered tunnel when using it as a sling. 

The waxed canvas Blue River has the modern signature, zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam just like many other high tech packs made by Fishpond.  Anglers won’t know it is there unless you show them.

So far, this has been a big seller.  It is popular.  Fishermen love it.  The cost is only ten bucks more than the original Blue River at $89.95.  We offer free ground shipping.  Keep the tradition alive and order one today.

Dimensions: 9.5" x 5" x 7"

Color: Peat Moss


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 Blue River Waxed Canvas Chest Lumbar Pack in the color Peat Moss, three views.

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Arroyo Chest Lumbar Pack

The Arroyo Chest or Lumbar Pack is made for the angler who wants to carry less stuff on the stream or on the flats.  This pack is lightweight and made from a waterproof breathable fabric that is tough enough to last for years, but light enough to fish with all day. 

If you consider yourself a minimalist, this is probably the pack for you.  It can be worn as a chest pack or a lumbar pack. 

With the included neck/shoulder strap, it can also be worn as a sling pack by securing the waist straps in the built in retainer.

The main zippered storage compartment is accessed from the top.  Inside are three interior pockets to keep your gear organized. 

On the front is a Fishpond molded zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam for your flies.  There are plenty of attachment points for tools. 

Dimensions are 9” x 4” x 7”.  Capacity is 150 cubic inches.  Color: Driftwood

The Arrooyo is made from Fishpond's Cyclepond nylon material.  

We offer Free Ground Shipping in the US.  You can buy online or give us a call.


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 Fishpond Arroyo Chest/Lumbar Pack front, back and front view with zip down fly bench open.

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Chest Pack

The Fishpond Cross-Current Chest Pack will help you keep your fly fishing gear organized for a long day on the stream, river or pond.

One important feature is the integrated net slot on the back panel. It holds long handle nets with the hoop and bag in the up position, next to your back, for quick removal when needed. After the big fish is landed, your net easily slides back into the slot.

Remove the chest pack from the back panel, and attached to any Fishpond backpack. The smaller front pocket has a magnetic latch, and it is perfect for small fly boxes and quickly need items.

The main zippered storage compartment on the front, holds your large fly boxes. There are also two small stretch mesh pockets on the front to hold small tools and tippet spools. An exterior Velcro patch on the front is used to attach the included foam fly patch.

A D-ring on the back panel can be used for attaching a net release for short handle nets. On the back panel, there is a large pocket with zippered access on each side.

Velcro interior on one side can be found in the magnetic pocket along with four small stretch mesh pockets for organization. An interior zippered pocket is located inside the main zippered compartment.

The Fishpond Cross-Current Chest Pack is constructed of 210 denier Cyclepond, with ballistic cloth accents and a recycled poly liner.

Capacity: 8 liters or 488 cubic inches
Front Dimensions: 11” x 8.5” x 5.5”
Back Dimensions: 11.5” x 10.5” x 1”
Weight: 1.7 pounds
Color: Gravel


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 Cross-Current Chest Pack Three Views

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