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Fishpond Fly Tying Bags
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Fishpond makes and sells two items specific to fly fishermen who travel with their fly tying tools and materials.  Many do. I do. Most of us don’t take all the fly tying materials we own on a fishing trip. But, we do take what we think we will need, where we are going.

Fishpond kept that in mind when designing these two bags.  One is smaller, the Road Trip. It holds your tools and a smaller selection of materials. The Tomahawk kit bag is larger, made for those who need to take more tying gear on their trip.

In the fly tying culture there is also a talented group of people who demonstrate and teach fly tying to others. Fly Tyers Weekend in Townsend, Tennessee is a perfect example. At that event, almost 50 fly tyers assemble, to teach tying techniques to others. Fly tyers demonstrate at club meetings too. They demonstrate and teach at fly shops.

So, we know there are some traveling fly tyers out there and Fishpond knows as well. If you tie flies, travel, demonstrate or teach, one of these Fly Tying Kit bags might just be perfect for you.

You can be assured, the quality materials used in these pieces, and remarkable construction processes are at the highest level, something you expect from Fishpond.

Byron Begley

NOTE:  All Fishpond items shown in this gear guide are current 2020 merchandise and in some cases, new 2020 gear. Most new and updated gear will be available for sale in November 2019.      

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Tomahawk Fly Tying
Kit Bag

The Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit Bag is the best way we know of, to take your fly tying stuff on a fishing trip.  We have not seen a better bag.  The Tomahawk has a ton of storage capacity, new designed organization attributes and things only Fishpond could have thought of.  This is the bag!

Two exterior pockets hold your vise and components keeping them away from your tender fly tying materials.  There is also an interior vise storage pocket if you want to keep it inside.  Both work great.  They were designed for a vise.

There are 8 see-through zippered mesh material pockets for all of your materials packed in zip-lock bags.  Another large 10” x 16” zippered mesh pocket is the best solution for storing necks and saddles. 

Four, 10-inch clear tubes hold your thread spools.  That’s a lot of thread capacity.  Two 4.5” x 9” x 1” molded plastic hook or bead boxes keep them separate and secure.

There is more.  The Tomahawk comes with nine 4” x 6”, six 5” x 7” and nine 3” x 4.5” re-sealable clear poly bags with Velcro binding and attachment tabs.

Dimensions are a whopping 18” x 14.5” x 6”.  The Tomahawk is made from 420 denier rip-stop nylon and 1680 ballistic nylon fabric for durability and good looks.          


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 Fishpond Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit Bag

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Road Trip Fly Tying Kit Bag

The Road Trip Fly Tying Kit Bag is a smaller and less expensive version of the Tomahawk.  And, this smaller bag might be perfect for you.

The Road Trip features an integrated internal vise storage pocket.  Inside you will find 22 small storage pockets.  Included are four large see-through zippered mesh material pockets.  Additionally there are two 9” clear tubes for your thread spools.  The list goes on.

You will have one 4.5” x 9” x 1” molded plastic organizing box for hooks and beads.  Included are nine 4” x 6” and nine 3” x 4” re-sealable clear, poly bags with Velcro binding attachments.

This is a very nice fly tying kit bag at a very reasonable price.    


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 Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Kit Bag

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