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The Complete Fishpond Fly Fishing Gear Guide
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Fishpond Fly Fishing Luggage
2020 Models Available November 2019
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Fly fishermen travel.  Fishpond knows that.  Think about all the ways anglers travel.  They may travel with luggage checked in the belly of an airplane or strapped to the float of a floatplane.  Fishermen travel by truck.  We travel by boat, raft or in flats skiffs.  Heck, sometimes we travel on the back of a horse. 

Traveling fly fishermen require specialty luggage.  We’ve got rod tubes that have to go somewhere.  There is probably always a chance your luggage can get wet.  Fishermen not only need specialized luggage, but they need a lot of it.  Look at how much room waders require. 

Fishpond has you covered.  They’ve got your back.  They know how hard fishermen are on their luggage.  And their designers, as usual, looked at every possibility for failure and giving us something durable to carry our gear and clothing on a fishing trip.

The Fishpond luggage collection is extensive. We have two pages devoted to luggage and travel pieces.

NOTE:  All Fishpond items shown in this gear guide are current 2020 merchandise and in some cases, new 2020 gear. Most new and updated gear will be available for sale in November 2019.

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Grand Teton Rolling Luggage

Fishond’s Grand Teton Rolling Luggage piece will get you and your gear to a fly fishing destination without leaving anything at home. If you need a bag for everything for a multi-week fly fishing trip, the Grand Teton is the luggage piece for you.

The separate bottom compartment holds up to six 4-piece fly rod tubes. There is room for your waders, boots small nets and much more.

The upper main compartment holds your clothing and other travel gear.

The clamshell opening system simplifies packing and un-packing.

The 32” Jackalope Rod Tube Case fits in the Grand Teton nicely.

This piece is made from 420 denier Cyclepond Fishpond fabric with ballistic fabric accents for durability.

Ballistic fabric is laminated to the compression molded bottom.

Neoprene edges on the interior zipper pockets stretch for durability close to the internal zippers.

The base compartment is designed to keep water from your wet fly fishing gear away from your clothing and other travel gear. The fabric is coated with polyurethane (PU) and durable water repellent (DWR).

You can reach the main body from the interior clamshell opening or from the exterior.

Store quickly needed items in the exterior organization pocket.

Four compression straps tighten all the compartments to keep the contents from shifting and to make the bag more compact.

Move this monster around with ease, using the rope handles and the retractable handle.

Size: 35” x 16” x 11” - 7,627 cubic inches

Weight: 11.35 pounds


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FP Field Luggage Tag

Now you own Fishpond's waxed cotton luggage so now you need a matching luggage tag. This one is made using the same Certified Organic Cotton Waxed Canvas, in the color Peat Moss. It folds in half to keep your business card secure witha snap closure.

Simensions: 5" x 2.5"


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 Fishpond FP Field Luggage Tag

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Thunderhead Large
Submersible Duffel

Using the world’s best waterproof technology for a dry bag duffel, Fishpond has created the perfect travel piece for fly fishermen. This duffel will keep your contents dry, under any conditions, even under water. This is the larger version of the Thunderhead Submersible Duffel.

The base material is 840 Denier recycled nylon, coated with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). This is what whitewater rafts are made of. This stuff is tough. The seams are TPU welded fabric.

Here is where the latest technology comes in. The main compartment zipper is a TIZIP waterproof submersible zipper. TZIP was invented by and manufactured by Titex, a German company. They make waterproof zippers for many applications, including survival suits, that keep people alive in cold water conditions, if they fall overboard or their boat sinks. Titex zippers can’t fail. People’s lives depend on them.

If you close the zipper, and try to compress this duffel, air does not escape. It is air, gas and water tight.

The smaller outside pocket uses a YKK Aquaguard zipper for access. It is water resistant and works well. My camera bag has one of these zippers, and it has kept the camera dry in my kayak, boat and in terrible thunderstorms. It will not keep the camera dry when the bag is submerged, like the TZIP zipper will.

The Thunderhead Large Submersible Duffel measures 30” x 15” x 15”. The inside is large enough for 9’ 4 piece rod tubes. The interior volume is 6,102 cubic inches, or 100 liters.

The color is Bright Orange, so if you bag goes overboard, I can be easily seen in the ocean, lake or river, and hopefully recovered.

The handles are made from braided climbing rope. Daisy chain webbing provides attachment points. There are back straps on the bottom that tuck away until you need them to carry this duffle on you back, so you can carry more gear in your hands. Gear straps, that work well for attaching rod tubes to the outside are included.

This duffel has it all, to protect your valuable contents while making it easy to transport such a large bag.

Colors: Cutthroat Orange or Riverbed Camo



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 Fishpond Thunderhead Large Submersible Duffel shown in both colors.

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Fishpond Teton
Rolling Carry On

Here is another well designed piece of luggage made for fly fishing enthusiasts by Fishpond called the Teton Rolling Carry-On. Pack your gear inside, then strap your fly rods on the sides. Roll it to the gate, carry it on the plane and stow it in the overhead bin. You are going on a fly fishing trip of a lifetime and everyone knows it.

The Fishpond Teton opens like a clam shell for easy packing. The zippered dividers keep your gear neatly packed. The interior pockets are ventilated and have neoprene edges for stretch and durability on the internal zippers.

A zippered stash pocket and an organization pocket on the outside, are great to store items you may need quickly.

The Fishpond Teton is made from 420 denier Cyclepond fabric with ballistic fabric accents on high abrasion areas. The bottom is compression molded and laminated to ballistic cloth for durability and rigid support.

Dimensions: 22” x 13” x 10.5” or 2,746 cubic inches

Weight: 7.5 pounds



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Sandbar Travel Pouch

Fishpond Travel Pouches are an efficient way to organize your travel or fly fishing gear. They will keep all of your stall gear in place throughout any journey. You can easily see the contents without opening the pouch.

Small – 6" x 8" $12.95
Medium – 8" x 10" $14.95
Large – 10" x 14" $19.95 

Starting at $12.95

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  Fishpond Sandbar Travel Pouch in all three sizes.

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