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The Complete Fishpond Fly Fishing Gear Guide
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Fishpond Fly Fishing Vests
2019 Models Available November 2018
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Fishpond fly fishing vests are unique, and adjustable, making them ideal for sizing to the clothing you are wearing at the time. This feature alone, makes Fishpond stand out as a leader among companies who make vests. Fishpond has many other features, unique to fly fishing vests you can buy. You should really take a close look at Fishpond vests, if you are in the market for one.

A fly fishing vest is very personal item.  Some people like certain features.  We do have our idea of perfection and we want to see that in our fishing vest.

Fishpond did something different when they started designing and manufacturing vests.  They made them adjustable.  The length is adjustable and the width can be easily changed to fit about any person.  Of course that makes it easy for us.  We just sell one size.

But, more importantly, you can change the size of your vest depending on what you are wearing that particular day.  If you are wearing a heavy down jacket under your vest, make it larger.  If you are wearing a t-shirt, pull in the slack.

Some Fishpond vests are made from lightweight materials.  Others are made from mesh fabrics for air circulation on hot days.

Most of the vests in the Fishpond lineup are ventilated, including the Flint Hills, Sagebrush, Muchacha, Elk River and the Gore Range. Some are ventilated more than others.

Fishpond makes a fly fishing vest for ladies.  We sell a lot of those.  Not many companies make a women’s specific fly fishing vest. Fishpond does. It is called “The Muchacha”. The Muchacha is a serious fly fishing vest.

And then there is the youth vest.  This is a serious piece of gear that will grow with a young boy or girl.  They are adjustable like all Fishpond vests. Fishpond’s youth vest is called the “Elk River”.

NOTE:  All Fishpond items shown in this gear guide are current 2019 merchandise and in some cases, new 2019 gear. Most new and updated gear will be available for sale in November 2018.

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Fishpond Flint Hills Vest

This is an exceptional fly fishing vest at a very reasonable price.  The Flint Hills Vest is a simplified Fishpond creation that has many features found in their vests costing much more.

As with all Fishpond Vests, the Flint Hills is adjustable, one size fits most.  You can adjust the height and depth to fit you perfectly.  You may also re-adjust for times when you wear heavier clothing or go fishing wearing nothing but a t-shirt. 

The mesh lining keeps you cool by allowing air to circulate throughout.  This vest is also very light.  You may forget you are wearing a vest if you don’t fill it up with too much gear.

Storage features include six zippered front pockets and a large “easy-access” back pouch for a rain jacket, lunch and a water bottle.

It's loaded with attachment points for zingers and tools, including a landing net D-ring on the back.

If you want a very good looking and functional vest at a reasonable price, the Fishpond Flint Hills Vest is for you.       


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 Fishpond Flint Hills Vest

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Sagebrush Mesh Vest

The Sagebrush Mesh Vest is loaded with storage and features but it is very light.  It is cool too, in more ways than one. 

The Sagebrush is made using plenty of mesh to keep you cool and comfortable.  The materials are made from recycled and discarded commercial fishing nets. 

Like all Fishpond vests, this one is adjustable to fit almost anyone and it can be re-adjusted for you to compensate for extra layers of clothing during the cold months. 

Don’t let all of that mesh fool you.  It’s loaded with pockets and pouches.  For instance, there are 10 zippered pockets on the front.  There is an additional zippered pocket on the back including a large back pouch for a rain jacket, water bottle or lunch.

A tippet dispenser pocket along with a patented, signature zip-down fly bench can be found on the front.    

Inside are four additional pockets. 

So, here you have plenty of room for anything you need for a day of fly fishing, in a lightweight vest, at a reasonable price. 

The color is Alpine Green, our favorite. 


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 Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest Front and Back

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Muchacha Women's Vest

The Muchacha Womens’s Tech Vest from Fishpond is the nicest ladies fly fishing vest I have seen, and we have been in this business over 20 years. It does look great. But, this is a very real functional fly fishing vest, made to fit women.  This vest was new in Fishpond’s lineup for 2016 and it is nice!

The pockets are large enough to hold big fly boxes. There are 13 exterior pockets. This vest may look pretty, but it is a serious vest for a serious fly fishing woman. I like the fleece lined hand warmer pockets. I wish my vest had those. There is more than ample room in the back pockets for a rain jacket, lunch, water bottle and extra gear.

The Fishpond Muchacha is adjustable.  One size fits most. Of equal importance, it is adjustable for other reasons too. That is a very handy feature. You can make the vest larger for winter fishing, then adjust it to be smaller when you are wearing less clothing during the summer.

You will find numerous attachment points for tools and accessories, including a landing net. The back is mesh for cool comfort during the hot months.

The materials used are recycled from nylon abandoned fishing nets found in the ocean.  These nets harm or kill fish and other aquatic animals. Fishpond is helping rid the oceans of these deadly nets.

The color is Tortuga. One size fits most.


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 Fishpond Muchacha womens' fly fishing vest.

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Wasatch Tech Pack

Fishpond’s Wasatch Tech Pack is a very technical vest with a large pack attached.

This vest is made for fly fishermen who spend the day in the backcountry or on remote rivers, far from their truck and a quick re-supply.  It is made to carry everything you need for a day of fishing.

Like all Fishpond vests and backpacks, they are adjustable.  One size fits just about everyone. And, you can adjust it to be larger or smaller, depending on how much clothing you are wearing. That comes in handy when the seasons change. The shoulder straps are padded for all-day comfort.

The Wasatch features the ability to add an optional hydration reservoir. It is built to accommodate the bladder and hose, keeping both, out of the way until needed.

Fishpond’s Wasatch is loaded with pockets. It features 8 large front pockets, two of which are zip down fly benches. The foam in those can easily be replaced. You will find four large interior mesh pockets and three backpack compartments.  The main cargo department on the pack is expandable. The backpack has a capacity of 610 cubic inches and measures 8” x 8” x 18.5”. 

The Wasatch is made from Fishpond’s fabric called Cyclepond.  Cyclepond is made recycled from abandoned nylon fishing nets recovered from the ocean.

The color is driftwood. One size fits most. 


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 Fishpond Watach Tech Pack

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Elk River Youth Vest

Here is a serious fly fishing vest made for young boys and girls.  The Elk River Youth Vest will be their first and last many years as they grow.  Like all Fishpond vests, the Elk River is fully adjustable to fit most kids.  Any child would be proud to own one of these.  It is similar to many adult Fishpond Vests, just smaller.

Fishpond recommends this vest for kids 12 year old or older.  

This vest is made from lightweight materials, including a mesh back for cool comfort.  The shoulder straps are padded for even more comfort. 

Don’t let this vest’s size fool you.  It is loaded with features like 13 exterior and interior pockets.  They will have plenty of room for fly boxes, leaders, tippet, floatant, split shot, strike indicators and just about anything a serious fly fishing kid would want to carry.

There are also plenty of attachment cords and tabs including a landing net lash.

Help you child feel fully equipped with a Fishpond Elk River Youth Vest.       


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 Fishpond Elk River Youth Vest

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Gore Range Tech Pack

Fishpond’s Gore Range Tech Pack is a fly fisherman’s dream.  It is a vest, but a very capable vest with lots of storage for long days on the stream.  It’s comfortable too.  The Gore Range is made from lightweight, waterproof and breathable fabric with mesh in strategic places for air circulation and comfort.

This vest has 17 pockets, in and out.  The vertical chest pockets are ideal for large or medium size fly boxes.  There are plenty of attachment points for gadgets.  Of course it features a D-ring on the back to hang your landing net.  It even has a hemostat keeper which is an ingenious way to safely store your clamps.  Two signature, zip down fly benches with replaceable foam are located on the front of the vest.

This tech pack is adjustable using shoulder straps and waist straps so it fits most people and can be adjusted for the seasons when you wear heavier clothing.

Fishpond calls it a pack because of all the gear it holds.  But, it is really a vest.

This vest is made from Fishpond's Cyclepond material. Cyclepond is recycled from nylon fishing nets, abandoned and recovered from the ocean. By using Cyclepond, there is a less chance for marine animals and fish to become tangled in nets and die. Cyclepond is good for our environment.

Color is Driftwood.


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  Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack

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